Hello everyone - thanks for taking the time to look at these photos, I enjoyed seeing everyone at Battersea track :-)

I  have decided to try something different with the shoot of the 1500s. Recently lots of people have loved to download my photos and enjoy free use which is great - thanks for that! 

I thought I would try an 'honesty box' system this time. I will make all photos free to download for personal use - but if you like them and use them please consider making a donation for them. I'm not suggesting an amount or saying you have to, but if you like the photos would like to download them and use on your social media then please consider if they have any value to you.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to contribute my Paypal account is nrbramley@hotmail.co.uk

Happy running and hope to see you all soon.

Commercial use not included.

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